Bluworld iAQUA System

iAQUA is the newest and most revolutionary product Bluworld has released to date. It applications have integrated every industry and market for which is has been introduced to. In conjunction with the incredible aesthetic qualities of falling water, flat screen technology brings the element of multimedia to the architectural waterfall. The flat screen video feature can be used with any and all video sources including DVD, CD/R, and VCR. Examples of particular uses for the iAQUA feature include an interactive menu in restaurants; a messaging center in a hospital and/or doctor office; multimedia uses in luxury homes and town homes; and trade show exhibits.

System Features:
iAQUA is based off our standard solid surface waterfall feature. Although most of our iAQUA systems are constructed out of solid surface, Bluworld has just recently released our brushed stainless steel version and a table top acrylic unit for trade show use. Because the flexibility of flat screen technology, the waterfall can display virtually every video medium in today’s market. The messaging capabilities are endless.

The reservoir system is comprised of a simple box, solid surface, steel or acrylic (depending on application) that houses the pump and filtration system. The reservoir is located at the bottom of the waterfall slide and approximately 10” – 24” deep depending the size of the waterfall slide. The reservoir contains the pumping mechanism and filtration. The reservoir also houses an optional U/V sterilizer.

The upright of the iAQUA unit is like any of other standard waterfall features. The uprights are housed in channels with a header box atop containing the return system. The channels are of a minimum width and depth (usually no more than 4”) to house the return system and stabilize the glass or acrylic mirror.

The waterfall surface is composed of either glass mirror or acrylic mirror, depending on what the structure of is. Steel framing calls for glass mirror and solid surface and acrylic framing require acrylic mirror.

The waterfall feature is fit to size the desired size of the flat screen monitor. Presently, Bluworld manufactures iAQUA waterfall features to fit monitors of 17”, 42”, 50”, and 60”.

The reservoir houses the pumping system. The size of the pump varies to the size of the waterfall unit. The pump contains the standard filtration unit. For facilities requiring optimal sanitization processes, Bluworld can equip the system with a U/V sterilizer that would reside in the reservoir.

The iAQUA waterfall feature is the only feature that we recommend not have lighting systems integrated. Because of the need for the flat screen to remain as bright as possible, we recommend the waterfall feature be kept from direct light. Under some circumstances, custom iAQUA units are equipped with both a lighting feature and flat screen technology. When the flat screen monitor is not in use, the lighting feature should be used to accentuate the falling water.

Electrical Requirements:
The waterfall feature itself, flat screen monitor, and the optional lighting system all require a standard 110V outlet. The pump, depending on the size of the feature, draws anywhere from 1 to 3 amps. The flat screen monitor consumes anywhere from 52W for the smaller models to 400W for the larger models. The lighting systems vary depending on the width of the feature. Power consumption ranges from 10W – 40W.

Plumbing Requirements:
The iAQUA product doesn’t require any plumbing. However, there is an optional auto fill/drain feature that can be specified. If the client wished to utilize this feature, a ¼” copper waterline should be provide at the site of the reservoir with 24” extra for working installation. The drain should be of 1 – 1 ½” PVC tubing stubbed 8” for working installation. The exact location of the PVC tubing will be specified per each project.

Pricing on the iAQUA varies on size, features and what the structure is made of. Retail prices range from $5,300 up to $21,395.

The iAQUA requires the same amount of maintenance as any other standard Bluworld waterfall feature. The unit should be turned off once monthly and wiped down with the appropriate cleaning materials. Bluworld recommends that at least twice yearly the unit be drained and the reservoir cleaned and replenished with fresh water. If the unit has been equipped with an auto fill/drain feature, the client may have the fill mechanism run continuously for several minutes while the reservoir is scrubbed clean. After which, the reservoir will have clean fresh water.

Project Name: iAqua Point of Purchase Display
Application: Lobby Display
Dimensions:10' H x 5' W
Frame Style: Standard
Frame Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
Panel Material: Silver Mirror with 42" plasma TV custom built in for messaging system
Price Range: $20,000-$30,000
Bluworld Water Curtain

The Water Curtain is designed to be used either indoor or outdoor. It is comprised of one of our most simplistic designs; involving a metal trough with a gradient mesh; a return system going through two uprights on either side; a manifold delivery system that can be customized to deliver water in a variety of sizes and intensities. The water will be dispersed into either columns of water or a steady flow of hundreds of tiny streams creating thousands of fast tiny drips, leaving no shearing or spray.

The Water Curtain is primarily used as an architectural element. The water curtain can come into contact as long as there is an auto fill/drain feature added to the system. In past projects, the Water Curtain has been use for room partitions, outdoor architectural elements usually around the entryway of a venue, and even a retrofit solution to fit any opening or niche.

System Features:
The flow of the water can vary between a simple spray to a larger (quarter size) column. The diameter of the flow is chosen at the time the order is place. The client can alter the flow intensity of the system several ways.

The return system is manufactured out of either acrylic or stainless steel. If the unit is self-supporting, it must be made of steel; otherwise, the unit can be made of acrylic. If the unit is subjected to weather elements, we highly recommend it to be made of stainless steel. If steel, the unit can be finished with a brushed stainless look or powder-coated to any particular color. Acrylic systems are usually primer-coated and then sent to the client where the finishing color is decided on. The manifold return system is a proven technique that Bluworld uses in many of its standard water features. This system has repeatedly been proven to eliminate clogs, uneven flow, and sediment build-up.

The reservoir is custom built to the specification of the water feature. A minimum of 6” is required for depth and depends on the overall size of the system. The reservoir will be capped with a steel grate and mesh to eliminate any back splash and give the appearance of “disappearing water”. The reservoir depth is greatly dependent on the size of the water tubes. The larger diameter tubes require much larger pumps, thus requiring deeper reservoirs to service the system.

The Water Curtain requires the use of two opposing pumps that service each upright return system. The pumps vary in wattage.

Lighting systems are recommended to accentuate the water effect in low light environments. It is highly recommended to accent every water feature with a lighting system.

A filtration system will reside in the reservoir. The client may request an optional U/V Sterilizer to work in conjunction with the standard filter.

Electrical Requirements:
The only components in the entire system that are dependent on electricity are the pumps and the lighting features. As in all of our water features, the lighting systems involve one to several low-wattage standard 110V bulbs. The pumps are also run off of standard 110V power and their wattage ranges from 93W all the way up to 800-900W. The system requires two pumps to service each side of the return system. All electrical requirements will be provided at the onset of the project.

Plumbing Requirements:
As in any Bluworld Water Feature, the Water Curtain is designed to be self-contained. The client needs to have a general knowledge of how much water evaporates from the system and keep the unit replenished regularly. Evaporation occurs due to environmental changes and the water level should be regularly measured for the first several months. As an alternative, Bluworld water features are available with an auto-fill and auto-drain feature. The only plumbing requirements necessary for these features are a ¼” copper waterline be brought to the location of the reservoir and stubbed off with an extra 24” for working installation. The drain would require a 1”-1 ½” PVC pipe stubbed into the side of the reservoir. Exact specifications vary with each design and will be provided during the planning phase of each unit.

Pricing on the Water Curtain varies depending on the diameter of the tubular water columns and the overall square footage of the unit. Larger columns of water require a much larger pump. Taller units also require pumps that are more powerful.

The Water Curtain is a very elementary unit in terms of maintenance and up keep. Like all of our water features, the only mechanical part in the entire unit is the pump system. Because the Water Curtain does not utilize a flat medium for the water to travel down, there are not flat surfaces that need cleaning. Bluworld recommends flushing and cleaning the entire reservoir at least twice per year. This involves draining the reservoir, wiping it clean and refilling with fresh water. If the system is equipped with an auto fill/drain feature, the client may simply wipe the inside of the reservoir while the incoming water source is on and let run for several minutes to re-circulate the unit with fresh water.


Project Name: Sal & Carvao
Chicago, IL
Application: Restaurant
Dimensions:19'H x 4' (across)
Feature Style: Rain Curtain
Frame Finish: N/A
Panel Material: Water "streams"
Price Range: $12,000 to $20,000

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