Project Name: E4 Development Group
Upscale UltraLounge in
Scottsdale, AZ
Application: Commercial - Nightclub
Dimensions: 10'L x 2'W
Frame Style: Aqua Panel Bar Top
Frame Finish: By Others
Panel Material: 3 different levels of mirrors and clear glass
Price: $10,000 - $15,000 each
The Bar Top feature or Aqua Panel still remains as one of the most unique, eye catching, and sought after features that Bluworld builds. Using different levels of cavities and opposite directions of water flow with mirrors and clear glass Bluworld can create a water pattern that appeares to be fighting against one another while flowing freely with bubbles right underneath you. Add the effect of side lighting and an "ultralounge" type atmosphere and you have created an environment that sets your lounge/nightclub apart from the rest


Our showroom is located at:
9056 World Trade Center
2050 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas Texas 75207

Please call us at: 214.658.8896

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